"So… you are twins. "

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"I just… I just need some more time."

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Q: What is it about Naomi and Emily that you love?
Kat: So much of Emily’s story was about finding herself. In our first series, she was unsure about her sexuality, unsure where she stood in her relationship with Katie, but she was brave enough to figure that out. She did figure out she’s gay, she broke away from her relationship with her twin. She’s quite strong.

Lily: I like Naomi’s not afraid to be different, because at that age, all a girl wants to do is to fit. Naomi never wanted to fit in, which makes her quite brave. Naomi really does have a big heart. And, well, I also thought she was quite funny. I don’t know if my performance was really funny, but when I read the scripts, Naomi always made me laugh. And, you know, anyone Cook would take seriously, that’s a strong personality. I do think Naomi was strong. She became very strong. And I don’t think there are enough strong female characters on television.

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